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Bursaspor / History

Bursaspor was on 1st of June 1963 established. Bursa Amateur football which gave Champion of Turkey twice was in crisis. They had to find new targets. Turkish 1st league created in 1959 was a great excitement for the country. When the 2nd league created Bursa had to take its place there with its rooted history.  Orhan Şeref Apak , the unforgettable President of Federation of the era lialised with Bursa. Initially it was planned to make Merinos professional. When the directors of yellow-dark blue color did not deem it appropriate other clubs stepped in.

Amateur clubs that suffered from economical difficulties were mobilized to merge and create a powerful team led by Mehmet Ertan, a teacher and Fahir Tezcan, the national football referee. This decision was supported by Fahrettin Akkutlu, the governor of the era as well and the first meeting was held in the governor’s office. The meeting which was not attended by the representative of champion Akınspor which had completed that season without a failure was realized with the attendance of directors of Acar İdman Yurdu, Çelikspor, İstiklal and Pınarspor, Orhan Eşref Apak,  President of Football Federation, Fahrettin Akkutlu, the Governor and Mehmet Göral, Regional Manager. The clubs made the final decision to merge in this meeting. And Akınspor supported this decision subsequently and thus Bursaspor was borne. A new sun arose from five stars and Bursa was entitled to struggle in the league which it longed for and which it deserved.

The club gained its colors from the white color of Uludağ and the green color from the plain of Bursa city. Green-White Bursaspor began its struggle as of the end of the season 1963-64 in the 2nd Turkish League, the White Group.

The first cadre of the Bursaspor Football Team was composed of the following sportsmen ;

Professional Footballers;
Özhan Sarlık (Demirspor), Ahmet Konur (Akınspor), Erdoğan Öztoros (bjk), Orhan Köseoğlu (Çelikspor), Mesut Şen (Akınspor), Fuat Bilik (Acarspor), Hayri Urgan (Acarspor), Mustafa Güven (Çelik), Hüseyin Çokkat (Pınarspor), İsmail Malcı (Acarspor), Mehmet Tütüneken (Akınspor)

Amateur Footballers;
Cemil, Muharrem, İhsan, Halim, Günel, Bilgin, Nedim, Fahrettin , Hasan, Neşat, Abidin, Sinan

And the Technical Committee was composed of the following persons;
Muhtar Tucaltan, Şükrü Orhanettin, Fethi Kesercioğlu, Hüseyin Saitoğlu, Recep Barışıcı
Bursaspor who represented Turkey for the second time in the Cup of European Cup Winners gained its real fame in Europe at the beginning of season of 1995-1996 with Intertoto Cup. Bursaspor who became the winner of the group in Intertoto organized for the first time and then who participated in the elimination tours shall be remembered for many years particularly with the Karlsruher match.
Association of Bursaspor Club
1st June 1963
Mehmet Göral, Süreyya Öğünç, Recep Barışıcı, Can Gengörü, Cemal Dik, Faik Tinel, Tarık Sekban, Salih Kiracıbaşı, Hüseyin Canova, Ali Erdinç, Abdullah Uygur, Ertuğrul Yıldırır,, Demir Akınöz, Erdoğan Akaltun, Feridun Evrenosoğlu , Hüseyin Kuşku, Fehmi Aktoptan, Hayri Terzioğlu, Hüseyin Saitoğlu, Hamdi Yalım, İsmail Buzcular, Lütfü Özmeriç, Nail Erok, Orhan Akkök, Muhtar Tucaltan, Mustafa Bulutlar, Necati Akgün, Osman Aktan, Selim Süter, Sabri Badır, Şükrü Orhanettin, Şevket Eygi, Şükrü Akmansoy
  Place of Establishment
  The First President
Salih Kiracıbaşı
  The First Match
21st September 1963 Saturday - Demirspor - Bursaspor (İzmir)
  The First Championship
1967 2nd League White Group Championship
  The First Technical Director
Muhtar Tucaltan
  Names of the Merging Clubs
Acar İdman Yurdu, Akınspor, İstiklal, Pınarspor, Çelikspor (The stars from left to right placed in our logo of colors Black, Red, Yellow, Green and Dark Blue represent the colors of those teams.)
1965-1966 Season 2nd League White Group Championship
Bursaspor won its first cup, 3 years after following its establishment as the Champion of 2nd League White Group in the season of 1966-1967. That season Bursaspor achieved victory from 19 matches of 30 which it played and outscored 8 points to Samsunspor, its closest competitor with 45 points it collected.

1970-71 Turkish Cup Final
Although our green-white team which competed with Eskişehirspor in the 1970 - 71 season Turkish Cup final won the first match played in Bursa with the score of 1-0, it was defeated in the match plated in Eskişehir with a score of 2-0 and failed to receive the cup.

Bursaspor won its second cup, by being granted the Prime Ministry Cup. Bursaspor who competed in the season of 1970-1971 with Fenerbahçe left the field with an achievement score of 1-0 and achieved to receive this meaningful cup.

1973-74 Turkish Cup Final
Although Bursaspor who competed in the 1973 - 74 season Turkish Cup final, with the Istanbul team Fenerbahçe was the victory of the first match played in the Bursa Atatürk Stadium with a score of 1-0, it failed in the match played in Istanbul with a score of 3-0 and failed to get the cup which it got close once more.

1973-74 Presidency Cup Final
Istanbul team Beşiktaş, completing the league in the 2nd sequence and Bursaspor being the finalist of the Turkish Cup brought these two teams in the Prime Ministry Cup Final together. Istanbul team won the match with a score of 3-2 and became the owner of the cup.

1985-1986 TURKISH CUP
Bursaspor gained its 3rd cup winning the Turkey Cup which is the 2nd cup following the cup of Championship. Bursaspor achieved to take the cup to its museum by passing Altay with a score of 2-0 in the final in the season of 1985-1986.

1991-92 Turkey Cup Final
Turkey Cup final played in 1991-1992 became the most sorrowful final of the history of Bursaspor. While the green-white team matching with Trabzonspor in the final won the first match played in Bursa with a score of 3-0, it was beaten in the displacement by its competitor with a score of 5-1 and said good bye to the cup.

In the season of 1991-1992, in the Prime ministry Cup match, Bursaspor had victory over the Istanbul team Fenerbahçe with a score of 3-1 and carried the cup to the museum.

Our Green-White team completed the Season of 2005-2006 at the top with a point of 71 and achieved to take place in the Turkcell Super League.
2009-2010 SEASON Turkey Turkcell Super LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP
Bursaspor won the super lig championship for the first time in its history.
Bursaspor who represented Turkey for the second time in the Cup of European Cup Winners gained its real fame in Europe at the beginning of season of 1995-1996 with Intertoto Cup. Bursaspor who became the winner of the group in Intertoto organized for the first time and then who participated in the elimination tours shall be remembered for many years particularly with the Karlsruher match.


      Bursaspor who played in Europe 11 years after its establishment became Turkey Cup finalist in  1973-74 season. The Green-white team beaten by Fenerbahçe demonstrated itself in Europe due to the fact that its competitor would represent Turkey in the European Champion Clubs Cup. Bursaspor who Finn Harps in the first tour of European Cup Winners Cup and eliminated Dundde United in the second tour with the excellent goal scored by Vahit matched with the team of USSR named Dinamo Kiev in the quarter final. Bursaspor eliminated by its strong competitor, gained the title of Fifth of Europe upon Dinamo Kiev winnign the cup.


      Although 1985-86 was a season of failure for Bursaspor, it gained the Federation Cup. At the beginning of 1986-87 season the green white team who was matched with Ajax, the famous team of Holland in the first tour of European Cup Winners’ Cup were beaten in both matches and excluded from the cup.


      Bursaspor who completed the season of 1994-1995 as the sixth participated in the Intertoto Cup for the first time. The green-white team who firstly played the group matches became the top by beating such teams as Wibledon, Charleroi, Beitar and Kosice. Bursaspor who eliminated the Greek team of Ofi Crete in the first elimination tour matched with German team of Karslruher. The normal time of the match in Atatürk Stadium ended with the score of and the prolonged half times ended with the score of 3-3. The party winning the tour at the end of the penalty shoots was Karslruher with the score of 9-8. The football exhibited in this match made Bursaspor a team of Turkey.
After becoming the campions in the 2009-10 season Bursaspor participated in the champions league fort he first time. First experience of Bursaspor in Champions league was disappointment one. The team could score only two goals and could win only one point and was in the last row of the group.. The first goal scored in the champions league was by Pablo Martin Batalla .
Games Bursaspor played in 2010-11 season Champions League
Bursaspor:0 Valencia:4 Bursa 14.september.2010
Glasgow:1 Bursaspor:0 Scotland 29.september.2010
Manchester United:1 Bursaspor:0 England 21.october.2010
Bursaspor:0 Manchester United:3 Bursa 02.november.2010
Valencia:6 Bursaspor:1 İspanya 23.november.2010 (The first goal in the league by Batalla)
Bursaspor:1 Glasgow:1 Bursa 07.december.2010 (The first point gained / goal scored by Sercan)
* See photos of Bursaspor in Champions league at our photo gallery

 Match of the Week
Date: 26.09.2021
 League Table        
  Team MP W D L P
1 ÜMRANİYESPOR 6 5 1 0 16
2 MKE ANKARAGÜCÜ 6 3 3 0 12
3 EYÜPSPOR 6 4 0 2 12
4 B.B. ERZURUMSPOR 6 4 0 2 12
5 TUZLASPOR 5 3 2 0 11
6 BANDIRMASPOR 6 3 0 3 9

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